2015 Walter Scott Chardonnay, Single Vineyard Offering

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Just Remember Who Told You First… As Usual!

2015 Walter Scott Single Vineyard Chardonnays: The Word is Out. Supply is Limited!

Three Unique, Mineral-Driven Bottlings

In the last year, big things have happened to Walter Scott Winery. They have been singled out as one of the main leaders of the “new” Oregon Chardonnay movement. You can see the quantities. They have become the Oregon darlings with important somms around the country. They will only become harder to source. We have semi decent quantities. I’ll try to get you what you want.

Walter Scott Single Vineyard Chardonnay Portland

Cuvée Anne (450 cases – Special Pricing Below)

This was the first Walter Scott Chard that blew my mind. I looked at Ken and said, “You’ve got it!” And that was just after sniffing and before tasting. The Cuvée Anne is drinking deliciously right now. I would love to drink this on a daily basis. Best new world chard for the dollar, period!

X Novo (150 cases)

For now, this is my favorite bottling. It’s close between this and the Freedom Hill. The X Novo is, in style, reminiscent of a high quality Meursault Premier Cru. The minerality on the nose and palate is intense, downright pungent and I love it! The finish is ideal for this style. Refreshing, lemony acidity cleans the palate calling you back for another sip, and then another and another…

Cuvée Anne (200 cases)

The Freedom Hill is the one I would lay down for a few years, maybe a decade, if you like. It’s delicious right now, but where the Anne & X Novo come directly at you, the Freedom needs a bit of coaxing. After a few minutes you begin to get a hint of that mouthwatering mineral, fruit and lemon. It continues to open with air. This indicates that this will improve greatly with a quiet, cool long rest in the cellar, If you want to crack one right now just decant for an hour or two. It’s still a thrill to drink now.

The Offering: 2015 Walter Scott Single Vineyard Chardonnay

Walter Scott Cuvee Anne:      $216 / 6 bottles ($36 per)                  $408 / 12 bottles ($34)

Walter Scott X Novo:              $265 / 6 bottles ($44 per)                  $505 / 12 bottles ($42)
Walter Scott Freedom Hill:     $265 / 6 bottles ($44 per)                $505 / 12 bottles ($42)

Mixed Case & Six Pack of Walter Scott Chardonnay Pricing

A Mixed Case of 4 Bottles of Each Bottling     $475

A Mixed 6 Pack of 2 Bottles of Each Bottling  $250

Walter Scott Single Vineyard Chardonnay Portland

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