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J Thomas Pinot Noir

Each year, John gives me a barrel sample right before this offer (he’s hand bottling right now). The other night I cracked it open and… Wow! I instantly called John to say how honored I was to be the biggest supporter of his wine. We get almost half of his total production! Folks, Thomas Pinot Noir is the definition of artisanal.

The call of the week is J Thomas Pinot Noir. Get in on the offering now.

22nd Annual Anniversary Party! John Thomas, Arterberry-Maresh, McKinlay and More!

22nd Annual Mt. Tabor Fine Wines Anniversary Party, where can you taste the latest wines from heavyweights like John Thomas, Arterberry-Maresh, and more! Sat. 11/10/18, 2-5pm.

Favorite Wines From This Year’s Friday Tastings

If I do say so myself, we have the most educational, fun & down right delicious tastings

The Grand Glories of Burgundy; Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Chardonnay

Join us for a stress-free tasting of delicious Red & White Burgundy. No family issues, no talk of politics (please).

What Kind of Wine Do You Drink At Thanksgiving? We’ve Got the Answers

All you have to do is look at some of the wines in this weeks tasting and it’s anything but a snooze!

21st Annual Anniversary Party Details for November 2017

Whaaaatttt? Seventeen of the very best wines in Oregon and artisanal treats for just $15, I’m in!

Envînate, Taganan, Guimaro, Nanclares, What a Tasting From Pastor

There are no wines that excite me more than wines like we’re pouring this Friday.