Some Terrific Tastings in May Come join us Fridays from 4 pm – 7:30 pm @ Mt Tabor Fine Wines!

Friday, May 6th: Loire Valley Reds ($15)

I don’t think we’ve done this one before. The reds of the Loire have reached amazing new heights. Fantastic Cabernet Francs, Gamay Noirs and other, pretty unique varieties abound. Dare to be amazed.

Friday, May 13th: Greek Wines? Sound Confusing? Actually Awesome! ($15)

I know, Assyrtiko and Athiri, never heard of them. Xinomavro? Huh! Listen up. I know of no other Country that has improved wine quality more than the Greeks. Crushing grapes to make wine began here six thousand five hundred years ago! They’ve come a very long way since the days of Retsina.

Friday, May 20th: We’re Participating in Oregon Wine Month ($15)

May is Oregon Wine Month and we’ll feature the best of the Willamette Valley. To me, this is the area of Oregons best wines so pour we will. Mostly Pinot Noir with some other surprises. Join the celebration. After all, it’s your back yard!

Friday, May 27th: The Phenomenal Portfolio of Jose Pastor ($18)

Jose Pastor Selections Spanish “growers” is what I’ve been raving about for over a year. These are natural wines at their best. They are farmer/ garage operations dedicated to bringing back the soul of Spanish wines. For years the Spanish made wines pumped up, as if on steroids, to garner high scores in the wine press. These “farmers” are looking to restore the indigenous varieties of given regions, making them with very little intervention once the grapes are delivered to the “garage.” Made in very small quantities, in most cases we’re the only shop to have been offered these wines in Oregon. Like I’ve said before, the wines I’ll be pouring may not even be available for sale! I’m doing this to offer you a glimpse at the future of wine. Some will care, others won’t. I don’t care about those that don’t!

Tempting Tastings in April; Bring on the Spring Come join us Fridays from 4 pm – 7:30 pm @ Mt Tabor Fine Wines!

Friday, April 8th: Rosé, Rosé and More Rosé. ($15)

It seems like the perfect time to break into summer with a tasting of the perfect, “afternoon/Eve, sitting on the back deck sipping refreshing wine” wine. We’ll taste all kinds of rosé; still, sparkling, Ramato & more (if possible).

Friday, April 15th: Wines from the Rhone Valley and Below ($15)

For me, finding a solid flight of six wines from this area is as easy as it gets. You simply will not find better “value” wines from anywhere, whether $10 or $60! Where else can you buy a $15 wine that will improve for years to come? The new vintage of Domaine Du Banneret Chateauneuf is out and we’ll be pouring it as well as offering it to you very soon.

Friday, April 22nd: The Amazing Wines of Corsica ($15)

This is the next great place for the quality revolution; along with a certain tiny Spanish wine portfolio. Corsican wines are excellent at all levels, but often a bit pricey for a daily discovery tour. In order to find numerous high quality examples, this tasting is the perfect vehicle, My very favorite rosé in the world is Corsican; Marquiliani. Great whites, reds & rosé.

Friday, April 29th: White Burgundy and Other Chardonnay Worthy Enough to Compete ($18)

You know how I feel. Oregon, and the Willamette Valley specifically, is on the path to prove it’s elevation into the world of fine Chardonnay. In my opinion, and I’m not bias at all, the finest ones grown outside of Burgundy are from Oregon. Arterberry Maresh was the initial “wow” Chard. But most require patience. Now along comes Walter Scott. A sniff & a taste and you get it! The response has been fantastic. Don’t trust me! Come taste for yourself against the best there is….White Burgundy.


Come Join Us Fridays Between the Hours of 4- 7:30pm

Friday, March 4th: White Burgundy!!!! ($18)

I just can’t believe the early drinkability, as well as transparency, of recent White Burgundy vintages including possibly the best since 2010, Vin millésime 2014. And that’s huge in that 2011,12 & 13 are so amazing. 2014 is the finest vintage of young Chablis I can ever remember. This will be a tasting to remember.

Friday, March 11th: My Current Favorite Italian Wines ($15)

One of the new formats that took hold last year, you asked for more, I’m willing to give it. You never know what you’ll get but I can guarantee one thing; you will enjoy the flight immensely. How ’bout that ego? You gotta believe.

Friday, March, 18th: Loire Valley Whites; Pristine Wines From Sancerre, Pouilly Fume, Samur And More ($15)

As has been the case around Europe in the last decade or so, the wines of the Loire have never been better. Could it be global warming. Nope, can’t be, doesn’t exist. Maybe it improvement in wine growing and winemakers coming around to see the advantage of minimal intervention. Could be all of it, including the warming thing (I’m a no- doubt believer). Whatever the case, the availability and quality of wines from the Loire is stunning……..right now!

Friday, March 25th: The Killer B’s Are At It Again! Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera ($15)

Things are really good in this NW corner of Italy as well. I mean, delicious, drinkable and to type bottlings of Barooi and Barbaresco are findable under $30, not to mentionplenty of delicious, inexpensive Barbera’s. I’ll probably throw in a surprise or two. Always, always a crowd pleaser.

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The Rhone & the South; Reds including Bandol En Provence, Corsica & the Ever Intriguing Roucas Toumba ($15) Friday, January 22nd, 2016 4 pm – 7:30 pm

You may have never heard of many of the Domaines in this tasting. Once you come and taste, you will remember all of them.I promise!

Come, once again, welcome us back for another year, Nomero veinte, whoops 20!


The Lineup

2014 Domaine Poli, Ille de Beaute $16
Corsica 100% Niellucciu

2013 Roucas Toumba, Grands Chemins $17
Vin De France Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre

2012 Domaine Roche Audran, Cotes Du Rhone $19
S. Rhone Grenache, Syrah & Carignan

2011 Domaine Le Galantin, Bandol $20
Bandol- Provence/ 95% Mourvèdre, 5% Old Vine Grenache

2012 Domaine de Cros de Romet, Cairanne $26
S. Rhone 80% Grenache, 20% Syrah

Premium Pour ($3)
2013 Terre De Chardons, Chardon Marie $33
Costieres De Nimes- S France/ 100% Syrah

And don’t forget that next week, Friday January 29th, we’ll be featuring Small Domaine Red Burgundy. In a bit of a twist, this time we’ll feature Oregon Pinot Noir as the comparative Premium Pour and the flight of five will display the beauty that is……Red Burgundy.

Can You Believe It, 2016? We Begin Our 20th Year of Tastings

Come join us Fridays from 4 pm – 7:30 pm @ Mt Tabor Fine Wines!


Friday, January 22nd: Rhone Reds & Other Delights From Southern France ($15)

When we discuss the wines of Southern France we’re talkin’ the Rhone, Provence (incl. Bandol), Languedoc, Corsica and many more. As you know I consider these wines some of the greatest values, period. Whether a $45 Chateauneuf or a $10 Cotes Du Rhone they ooze value at every level. Even after my 10 day Mexican adventure I can think of numerous reds from the South that I haven’t poured for you that excite me to no end.

Friday, January 29th: Fine Red Burgundy & a Premium Pour from Oregon ($18)

)We’ll add a twist to the “Oregon Pinot Noir & a Burgundy Premium Pour” tasting and flip it. As with White Burgundies, the Reds have had a run of “delicious to drink now” vintages. Also, we now have access to numerous fine, small Domaines that we haven’t had before. This promises to be a memorable flight of some new names that you’ll be grateful for having made the acquaintance.

Friday, February 5th. Wines From Spain ($15)

With the recent arrival of Spanish wines from the small, cutting edge and amazing portfolio of Jose Pastor Selections, Spanish wines have taken on new meaning in the world of fine wine. Now that I’ve made all the fuss I hope I can get/ pour a few for you! Very, very small amounts come to the US. Regions include Canary Islands, Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Rioja & Extremadera to name a few important ones.

The rest of February will be revealed soon.