2012 Thomas Offering Pinot Noir/ Dundee Hills, Oregon

In My Mind, One of the Most Significant, Anticipated Releases of the Year

2012 Vintage + Thomas Pinot Noir = Nirvana!

Most of you have heard my spiel on John Thomas. Suffice to say I think his wine is among the great wines of the world. If you’ve ever had a perfectly aged Thomas of 15 years or so you know what I’m saying. Some of you have told me that John’s wine was in blind tastings where it beat the competion of many of the top wines from Burgundy

Most wines are made for immediate consumption and the window for drinkability is not an issue. The Thomas wine is, like great Burgundy, different each and every vintage.  For vintages like 2010 & 2011 you MUST leave the wines alone for a few more years. But there are those vintges that are more forward and you can enjoy while waitng on others. 2012 will be a keeper but it won’t be a crime to enjoy on the early side. Drink 2009, 2006 and 2003 but wait on 2007, 2008 and 10 & 11, as mentioned.

This is as natural a wine as there is. It’s made in the vineyard. Johns real forte is as a wine grower. Once the grapes are crushed the wine is left alone to allow it to express the place and individual microclimate where it’s grown.

The Offer

The few things that I list here are very important to pay attention to:

The wine won’t be available for pick up or shipping until the end of November.

When this offer goes out there is huge response so it may take me a few days to respond to you.

This is not a first come, first served offer. This wine gives me a chance to thank my customers that support the shop and participate in some of the other fantastic offers. If I hear from you once a year it may be tough to get an allocation. For new customers I will do what I can to help you but there’s only so much wine and demand is intense.

2012 J Thomas, Pinot Noir/ Dundee Hills

Case: $605 ($50.41/ bottle)
SixPack: $315 ($52.50/ bottle)
Magnum: $125


Delicious Reds From South America ($15) Friday October 17th, 2014/ 4 pm – 7:30 pm

In recent years the wines of South America, especially those from Argentina & Chile, have taken off and replaced other value oriented wines especially those from Australia. The Viñalas Perdices Malbec, at $11, is a great example of value at its best. Actually every wine in the lineup is a value, whether it’s the $27 Colomé or the $35 Achaval Ferrer. They all perform way above their price points. This lineup makes for an intriguing taste tour as we go thru three different regions of Argentina including the highest altitude vineyards in the world, those of Salta. Our lone Chilean is from the amazing producer, Achaval Ferrer. For the Quimera they’ve blended all five Bordeaux varietals; Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petite Verdot. If you want to taste 6 terrific wines and enjoy the warmth and friendliness of one of our Friday tastings just get on up and drag your hiney on in here. You’ll be glad you did.

The Lineup

2013 Viñalas Perdices, Malbec $11
Mendoza, Argentina

2012 Zorzal, Malbec “Terroir Unico” $15
Tupungato Valley, Argentina

2012 Tikal, Patriota “Malbec- Bonarda Blend” $20
Mendoza, Argentina

2011 Bodega Colomé, Malbec Estate $27
Upper Calhaqui- Salta, Argentina

2011 Casa Lapostolle, Cabernet Sauvignon “Cuvee Alexandre” $25
Colchagua Valley, Chile

Premium Pour ($3)
2010 Achaval Ferrer, Quimera $35
Mendoza, Argentina/ Malbec, Cab Sauv, Merlot, Cab Franc, Petite Verdot

Amazing Whites From France, Italy & Oregon ($15) Friday October 10th, 2014/ 4 pm – 7:30 pm

You know me, it took all of my self discipline to stay away from having an all French tasting. I’ve been known to say that I could easily drink nothing but French for the rest of my life. I mean, want a sparkling wine; Champagne. Dry red? How about Burgundy, Bordeaux, Hermitage, Chateauneuf, well, you get the point. And so it goes for her whites. All four French whites are exceptional for their class. Haven’t had many white Cotes Du Rhones better than the Couron. I absolutely love the whites from Corsica. My favorite Vermentinu is from Antoine Arena. Price- $50ish. The Clos Alivu is from the same terroir, Patrimonio, considered the best in Corsica. It’s close in quality to the Arena and more than half the price. Simply put, I buy a case of Beaumard Savenniere for my cellar each and every year. In my opinion, it’s the best value there is for a wine that will improve for decades. 2010 in the Loire is almost a perfect vintage. The fourth Frenchy is another White Rhone, this time from the Northern Rhone appelation of St. Joseph. Love, love, love this wine.

Now we finally leave France for Italy. I’ve said it before, the Massa Timorasso is my “discovery” of the year. It has the nose of an aged Alsation Riesling and the flavors and texture of White Burgundy. Nuff said! Then we wrap it up with the most amazing development in Oregon wine in recent memory, the Arterberry Maresh Chardonnay. We’ve all wondered why Chardonnay hasn’t reached the heights in quality that Pinot Noir has here in Oregon. After all, in Burgundy, they both shine brightly but with the exception of Cameron’s Clos Electrique Blanc, we have lagged sluggishly behind Pinot. The answer has finally come in the form of Jim Maresh’s various Chards. I have never, ever tasted Chardonnay from the new world that has the smell, taste and mouth feel of these amazing Chards. If I closed my eyes and tasted I would think of a premier Cru from Puligny Montrachet. I kid you not. Jim’s big boy is the Maresh Vineyard version and that one is would tight and deserves 5-7 years in a cool cellar to unwind. This Willamette Valley bottling gets right to the point. A terrific acomplishment for young Jim.

I couldn’t be happier than to offer you this flight of white wines. Truly, simply amazing!


The Lineup

2013 Domaine Couron, Cotes Du Rhone Villages $13
S. Rhone Valley, Fr./ Roussanne, Marsanne, Grenache Blanc

2013 Clos Alivu, Vermentinu $20
Patrimonio- Corsica, France

2010 Domaine Beaumard, Savennieres $25
Loire Valley, France/ 100% Chenin Blanc

2012 Pascal Marthouret, St. Joseph Blanc $25
N. Rhone Valley, Fr./ Roussanne, Marsanne

2010 Vigneti Massa, Timorasso Derthona $29
Tortonese, Italy

Premium Pour ($5)
2012 Arterberry Maresh, Chardonnay $52
Willamette Valley, Oregon

Pinot Noir From Different Terroirs ($15) Friday, October 3rd 2014/ 4 pm – 7:30 pm

Pinot Noir is said to be one of the most transparent wine grapes, along with Riesling, in the world of fine wine. What this means is that the grape conveys the place that it is grown. It is simply the vehicle. It’s “transparent” to the Terroir it is grown in. I tried to pick wines for this weeks flight that were different from one another. For instance, we have three wines from France. Each one is very different from the other in the soils and climates that they are grown in. On our own west coast, we have the Dundee Hills of Oregon and the Anderson Valley of Northern California. You will be able to taste a wide difference between the two. Even though both the Defaix and Marechal are from the same region, Burgundy, you will notice a difference much greater than the actual distance from where they are grown. It is said that in Burgundy, with the transparent Pinot Noir at the helm, you can litterally cross a dirt road from one vineyard to another and taste a great difference from one wine to the other. And so it goes.


The Lineup

2012 Bernard Defaix, Bourgogne $18
Chablis, France

2012 Jules Taylor, Pinot Noir $23
Marlborough, New Zealand

2012 Chateau de Vaux, Pinot Noir “Les Hautes- Bassieres” $25
Moselle, France

2011 Breggo, Pinot Noir $30
Anderson Valley, California

2011 Catherine & Claude Marechal, Bourgogne $33
Bligny-Les- Beaune- Burgundy, France

Premium Pour ($4)
2012 Stephen Goff, Pinot Noir “Weber Vineyard” $40
Dundee Hills, Oregon

Spicy, Peppery Reds From France’s Rhone Valley ($15) Friday, Sept. 26th, 2014 4 pm – 7:30 pm

I wish you all could be here on Wednesday the week of the Rhone tastings. As my reps bring in samples to be considered for the tasting, the ones I like and think are worthy are put off to the side for me to come back later that afternoon to taste blind. Most Wednesdays there are 6 or 7 samples to go thru as I’m really picky about what to pour and exclude far more than I include. When it’s a Rhone tasting there are usually 15-20 wines to go thru! Seriously, so high is the quality of wine from this region I hardly turn any away. It makes it easier to find six wines for the tasting but harder to narrow down as I really, really like them all. And so it was once again yesterday. The Rhone hasn’t had a bad vintage since 2002 and the hits keep on a comin’ with the 2011’s and 12’s, the vintages most considered for this week. I won’t go into each wine listed here as I could write an enormous amount about each and every one. I’ll be happy to discuss when you come in on Friday but rest assured that this is one great tasting and not to be missed. Over half of the wines are made from biodynamically grown grapes and the rest are mostly organic.


The Lineup

2011 Domaine Couron, Cotes Du Rhone Villages $13
Ardeche Grenache, Syrah & Mourvedre

2011 Domaine De La Janasse, Cotes Du Rhone Reserve $17
Courthezon/ Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault & Mourvedre

2012 Domaine De Cabasse, Sablet “Les Deux Anges” $18
Seguret Grenache, Syrah & Carignan

2012 Laurent Combier, Crozes Hermitage $24
N. Rhone 100% Syrah

2012 Domaine Ferme Saint Martin, Beaumes De Venise “Cuvee Costancia” $28
Suzette Syrah & Grenache

Premium Pour ($5)
2012 Chateau De Saint Cosme, Gigondas $47
Gigondas/ Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault