A Bit of a Different Take on Our Friday Tastings in March

I’ll be back to my usual high jinks in April but I thought it would be fun to invite two of my favorite wine reps from a couple of the best importers in Oregon to put on display for you some of their favorite wines. We’ll have a couple of our best angels to assist these fine folks so come on in and say hello and have a great flight of fine wines from Galaxy and Casa Bruno. It will be our usual format; a flight of five wines at different price points plus a sixth premium pour all served at the same time for your comparative contemplation.

Friday, March 6th/ The Globe Trotting Chuck Whitman From Galaxy Will be Here to Delight You With a Stellar Lineup of Rhone Valley Reds. Make Sure to Ask Chuck How He’s Able to Vacation in Far off Places Half the Year and Keep Such a Great Job at the Same Time. Like I Always Tell Him, “When I Grow Up……” ($15)

Friday, March 27th: With One of the Strongest Books of Oregon Wines, Casa Bruno’s Heather Lack Will Dazzle with Her Own Personal Lineup of a Diverse Selection from Our Own Back Yard. ($15)


Many of you who know me are aware that, unfortunately, I’m going in for another round of spinal fusion surgery. Because of the scheduling date we will have to remain closed until Wednesday, February 4th. While I’m out Kathleen will be running the shop and have total and complete access to me. The Friday tasting schedule will be altered and we’ll just have to play that one by ear. For now if you could please let Kathleen know she’s loved, make her feel comfortable and keep her very, very busy.

Our offerings will go off as usual so you can all be looking forward to;

2014 Ken Wright Single Vineyard Pinot Noir offering
We have another fantastic vintage in 2014 very similar in style to 2012. Good
qantity of darkly colored, full, velvety Pinots
2012 Domaine Du Banneret, Chateauneuf Du Pape
Spectacular Chateauneuf made in minute quantities. Among the great values
in the world of fine wine, period!
2013 McKinlay, Pinot Noir “Mt Tabor Fine Wines Selection”
The selection was strict and severe. This is the best of the best!


NEW WINTER HOURS/ Wednesday- Friday 11- 6:30/ Saturday 11-6

Oregon’s Best Pinots of the Year ($18) Friday, December 12, 2014 4 pm – 7:30 pm

I really get excited this time of year not only because the holidays are upon us but, as a perfect compliment to the season, we have our two strongest tastings of the year. I’ve also noticed that it’s a time and place for our friends to gather and share some time and amazing wines together before the end of the year.

These next two tastings are absolute must attends.This week the theme is not just, in my opinion, the best Pinots to have been released in the past year but also taking into account the different price points. I’ve selected two in the lowish range, two in the middish range and the final two in the upper endish range. The selection also has to do with how these six wines were received by you. Many of you from here and around the country have remarked that you think the 2012 Arterberry Maresh “Dundee Hills” is the single best Pinot in that lowish price range that you can remember. Stephen Goff hit it out of the park in 2012 with his two single vineyard Pinots, the Weber and the Shea. They were the absolute hits of our recent anniversary party! The Brick House was a wine we poured at a Friday tasting a few months back and was loved by all. The biodynamically farmed Brick House Vineyard is simply one of the most beautiful spots in the entire Willamette Valley. Cameron? Even though John Paul made 50% of his normal quantity in 2012 I squirreled away a few cases specifically for this tasting. The only wine missing is the Thomas and there is just too much demand and not enough supply to squirrel anything anywhere. Oh, and I just saw the latest Wine Spectator. It’s the year end issue where Matt Kramer selects his favorite two or three wines of the year. The Lumiére from J. Christopher was one of those. High praise indeed. The stars are aligned for one very amazing tasting this Friday!

The Lineup

2012 Arterberry Maresh, Dundee Hills Cuvee $24
Dundee Hills

2012 J.K. Carriere, Provocateur $24

2012 J. Christopher, “Lumiére” Eola-Amity Hills $39
Chehalem Mountains

2012 Stephen Goff, Weber Vineyard $40
Dundee Hills

2012 Brick House, Cuvée du Tonnelier $45
Ribbon Ridge

Premium Pour ($6)
2012 Cameron Winery, Abbey Ridge Vineyard $65
Dundee Hills

Answering the Age Old Question; What to Drink With the Thanksgiving Meal ($15) Friday November 21st 2014 4 pm – 7:30 pm

I couldn’t be happier! These six wines are absolutely perfect for whatever you have planned for the holiday feast (unless you’re having shellfish??!!/ although the Quincy would work well). I was able to get two of the best Cru Beaujolais at amazing prices as both of these Kermit Lynch domaines has found a new home among the local dist. network. Old distributor= discounts/ our advantage. The new vintage of d’ Oupia is jaw dropping at $12. And the beautiful, pretty, delicate, perfect Pinot in a glass from the French Alps near the Jura, the Guillaume, would be perfect with almost anything. To finish it all off we have one of my curent favorite local pinots, the Patton Valley. If you can’t find a great wine for Thnaksgiving from this lineup, well, um, hum……………..

The Lineup

2012 Domaine Trotereau, Quincy $20
Loire Valley, France

2013 Vignoble Guillaume, Pinot Noir $17
French Comte, France

2012 Chateau d’Oupia, Minervois $12
Languedoc, France

2012 Nicole Chanrion, Cote De Brouilly “Cru Beaujolais” $20

2012 Dom. Chignard, Fleurie “Les Moriers” Cru Braujolais $25

Premium Pour ($3)
2012 Patton Valley, Pinot Noir “Estate” $37
Willamette Valley, Oregon

18th Anniversary Celebration ($15) Saturday November 15, 2014/2 pm – 5pm

This is it, the big one! Even if you don’t live locally you can still take advantage of the special Anniversary party pricing. We have six of the finest wineries from Oregon pouring amazing wines; Arterberry Maresh, Colene Clemens, DePonte, Lenne Estate, McKinlay and, of course, John Thomas. To take advantage either come on in and enjoy the wines and pick up your favorites or respond to this e-mail and we’ll hook you up. It’s a perfect time to stock the cellar or load up with the perfect holiday gifts!

Featured Wines From Today’s Special Guests at “Today Only” Sale Prices

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 6.02.12 PMAnd don’t forget next week, Friday November 21st, we’ll tackle the age old question “What to have with the Thanksgiving meal?” If you can’t join us this Saturday for the fabulous 18th Anniversary Celebration, and you’re not too ashamed to show your face, come join us!