22nd Annual Anniversary Party! John Thomas, Arterberry-Maresh, McKinlay and More!

22nd Anniversary! John Thomas, Arterberry- Maresh, McKinlay, Walter Scott, Stephen Goff & Andrew Rich! ($15)

Saturday, November 10th, 2018 2 pm – 5 pm @ Mt Tabor Fine Wines
Farmer Meats & Cheeses to Compliment Farmer Wines
Special, “Party Day Only” Pricing: Perfect Opportunity to Load Up For the Holidays!

Whaaaatttt? Seventeen of the very best wines in Oregon and artisanal tasty treats. ……15 Bucks, I’m in! Saturday, November 10th, 2-5PM. Meet the Winemakers.

Seriously, where oh where can you taste the latest wines from powerhouse/ heavyweights like John Thomas, Jimmy Maresh, Matt- Jake Kinne, Ken Pawlow, Steve Goff and Andrew Rich.. Answer, only once a year at “Ye Lil’ Ol’ Wine Shop That Could.” But please, cover me! Don’t tell them I called them powerhouse/ heavyweights…… They’re all way too humble!

Can’t Wait,

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