Friday Wine Tastings In October & November/ 23rd Annual Anniversary Party Saturday, November 9th, “Grower Champagne” Tasting Friday, December 13th & Oregon’s Best Pinots Of The Year Friday, December 20th………. 2019

Join us Fridays from 4 pm – 7:30 pm at 4316 SE Hawthorne, Portland, OR 97215!

Friday, October 18th: Cabernet Franc & Gamay Noir ($15)

There was a time recently when you couldn’t get a good Cab Franc or Gamay from anywhere but Europe. This is no longer the case and we’re going to prove it to you.

Friday, October 25th: West Coast Wacko! ($15)

There was the ABC movement….anything but Chardonnay. Thank goodness that’s over. Now, it seems anything expected or normal for an area is out the window and makers are growing and producing wines that come from grapes you’ve probably never heard of. We’re going to pour these for you in this, the “West Coast Wacko” flight.

Friday, November 1st: White Burgundy ($18)

It’s been a while since we’ve explored this topic and that’s not a good thing. High time we got back to exploring these beautiful, precise, minerally wines from the Motherland of Chardonnay.

Saturday, November 9th: 23rd Annual Anniversary Party! 2- 5PM ($15)

This is it, the 23rd in a row, irrepressible, annual Anniversary Party. All of my favorites are here including John Thomas, Arterberry Maresh, Walter Scott, Stephen Goff, McKinlay & Gersing Cellars. Along with over 20 of Oregon’s best wines, there will be tasty treats to compliment the experience. The single best wine event of the year!

Friday, November 15th: Its Bordeaux season! Stock up for the holidays ($15)

Bordeaux can be difficult to find here in Portland, yet it is considered one of the great wine regions of the world. We will have a lineup of both white and red delicious Bordeaux wines.

Friday, November 22nd: Wines to go with Thanksgiving Dinner!

The Holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. We are putting together a selection of wines that will be absolutely delicious with Thanksgiving dinner so that you have one less thing to think about in your holiday shopping. The wines we’ve picked have the added bonus of truly impressing those picky relatives of yours!

Friday, November 29th: Happy Thanksgiving, there will be no tasting this evening.

Enjoy time with your friends and family, or whoever you choose to spend your time with during the holiday weekend.

Friday, December 6th: New and Exciting Spanish Imports. Featuring the Spanish Wine Expert, Bonnie!

We will be bringing the latest and greatest to you from Spain, including many delicious Jose Pastor wines! Bonnie will be available to answer all your burning questions about Spanish wine.

Friday, December 13th: Grower Champagne 

Another annual event is this showcase for some of the best Champagne in the world….”Grower Champagne.” We special order each year to feature a flight of small-batch sparklers that traditionally aren’t available in the market due to precious, tiny quantities. Don’t miss this one!

Friday, December 20th: Oregon’s Best Pinots Of The Year ($20) 

 Uh, no brainer here. Another tradition for us is this tasting featuring what we feel are the best Pinots from this year. The lineup is always stellar and allows you to taste and find the wines you want to secure and put down for a long, cool rest. We do the work for you. Your job is simply to taste and decide. Tough job!

Learn More About Our Past Tastings

Mt. Tabor Fine Wines has been doing our Friday night tastings for years now, and we’ve kept up an archive of all our past events. If you’d like to learn more about any of our past tastings — including ones you may have missed, or ones you attended and would like a reminder about a wine you really enjoyed — contact us today.