Friday Wine Tastings In August………. 2019

Join us Fridays from 4 pm – 7:30 pm at 4316 SE Hawthorne, Portland, OR 97215!

Friday, September 20th:  The Latest and Greatest in Spanish Producers! ($15)

We’ll be teaming up with some of our favorite Portland Distributors to bring to you the new, cutting edge producers coming from Spain and making a splash in our market! Thoughtful, intentional and very compelling wines from Importers like José Pastor and Eric Soloman. Join us to be in the know with all the newest, awesome stuff being done in Spain.

Friday, September 13th: Oregon Pinot Noir meets Red Burgundy  ($18)

It’s Pinot Noir Comparison time. We’ll feature three of the best new Oregon Pinots head to head against three Red Burgundies. The Motherland vs. the New Kids. Come discuss your preference.

Friday, September 6th:  Its Alsace! Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Auxxerois, Gewürztraminer & More! ($15)

We will be pouring everything Alsace! This little gem of an area is in France, but heavily influenced in grape and dialect by Germany. While Alsace produces mostly white wines, there is some very special Pinot Noir coming out of this region. If you’re lucky, you may just get to try some. Head on down for some dry (or mostly dry) Alsacean wines.

Friday, August 30th:  Italy’s Less Travelled Wine Roads! ($15)

You’re familiar with Piedmont and Tuscany, and while we adore those wines, we are looking to take the road less travelled! We will be pouring the more obscure wine regions of Italy that don’t get enough appreciation here in the states. White, Rosé, Sparkling, Red…. Sparkling Red… You name it! The unexpected varieties and regions we are putting together for you will blow you away, and give you a little nudge out of your comfort zone.

Friday, August 23rd: Roc des Anges & Danjou-Banessy… Hard to pronounce, or the next great wines to come out of France?? ($15)

August 23rd is going to be a very special tasting! As you may be aware, Burgundy wines are amazing, though not always the most affordable. Paul Wasserman has been scouring the French countryside in search of high quality producers that match those in Burgundy, but that just haven’t been discovered yet. These two producers are making their big debut in the United States now, and they certainly are the next great wines of France!

Friday, August 16th: Beaujolais! Think: Cru, not Nouveau. ($15)

We will be pouring some cream-of-the-crop Beaujolais. Often times new wine drinkers judge this beautiful region’s wines by the annual Nouveau release. BIG MISTAKE! At the Cru Beaujolais level, many can rival the best from their nearby neighbors in the Cote De Nuits and Cote De Beaune of Burgundy fame. As with most regions, there are the good and the bad. Of course, we be pourin’ only da best!

Friday, August 9th: Esoteric Whites of Oregon! ($15)  There is plenty of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris in every direction you turn your head here… However, many grape-growing sites have been experimenting with other interesting varieties all over Oregon. We are here to introduce you to what other people won’t. Come taste some cool varieties from Willamette, the Gorge, and beyond.

Learn More About Our Past Tastings

Mt. Tabor Fine Wines has been doing our Friday night tastings for years now, and we’ve kept up an archive of all our past events. If you’d like to learn more about any of our past tastings — including ones you may have missed, or ones you attended and would like a reminder about a wine you really enjoyed — contact us today.