2015 Thomas Pinot Noir Offering: 20 Years In a Row

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John Thomas of J Thomas Pinot Noir Offering 2017

2015 Thomas Pinot Noir. Wonderful, Wondrous Things Are Created from Passion… Love. No-One Loves or Is More Passionate About Their Vines Than John Thomas

J Thomas Pinot Noir Offering 2017

Above and below, Top-Bottom: Future Liquid Nirvana/ Where He’s Happiest/ A Great Look at the “Hidden” Thomas Estate Vineyard

Pinot Noir Just Doesn’t Get Much Better; Your Once A Year Chance to Load up on the Finest Pinot in the Land. A True N.W. Treasure!

Each year, John gives me a barrel sample right before this offer (he’s hand bottling right now). The other night I cracked it open and….Wow! I instantly called John to say how honored I was to be the biggest supporter of his wine. I mean, we get almost half of his total production! I am very passionate about John and his wines. Folks, Thomas Pinot Noir is the definition of artisanal.

With all of the big boys moving in from California, Europe and beyond with their expensive fancy machines, the Thomas’ of the world are going the way of the small town Doc who makes house calls. John built his underground cellar and winery with his own hands. He’s planted everything. All he has is a tractor, temp controlled dairy tank, cut in half, which makes up his 2 fermentation tanks, hand bottler & corker……Oh, a few barrels of French Oak….that’s it! Nothing that hasn’t been used for the last hundred years and more.

Here are a few things that separate Thomas, the best, from the rest

John Thomas of J Thomas Pinot Noir Offering 2017

Vineyard – It’s basically perfect. Living, thriving ecosystem has been organically growing for decades. Put multiple Heirloom Pinot clones and John’s farming ability and, like I said….perfect!

Wine making – First, and this is HUGE! After fermentation when John drains the free run juice from the fermentation tank, he leaves the Pomice (skins, seeds etc.) behind. The man does not own a press! His wine has NO press wine added back. It’s pure free run. Free run wine- pure. Press wine – harsh from tannins in the seeds and skins.

Bottling – Here’s another one you won’t believe. Thomas makes only 300- 400 cases a year. Ready for this…..He hand bottles on a 4 bottle spout filler and corks by hand. Oh, did I mention that the corks are the longest in the history of corkmakingness?

If you’ve ever had a perfectly aged Thomas of 15 years or more, it’s almost a guarantee you will be rewarded with one of your personal great vinous experiences.

As far as 2015, it’s a rock solid vintage of dark, robust and velvety Pinots. The press is agog with the 15’s. The best news is, they won’t get to taste the 15 Thomas. Not enough. We have enough!

We Are Devo,

J Thomas Pinto Noir Offering 2017

The 2017 Offering: Thomas Pinot Noir

The few things that I list here are very important;

The wine won’t be available for pick up or shipping until the end of November.

When this offer goes out, there is a huge response so it may take me up to a week (probably sooner) to respond to you. Please be patient. I will respond to each request.

2015 J Thomas, Pinot Noir/ Dundee Hills

Case: $696 ($58/ bottle)
Six Pack: $372 ($62/ bottle)
Magnum: $135

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