2015 Arterberry Maresh Pinot Noir “Maresh Vineyard & Dundee Hills” Offering

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New Offer: 2015 Arterberry Maresh “Maresh Vineyard” & Dundee Hills Pinot Noir

2015 Arterberry Maresh Pinot Noir Offering: The 2015s Are Delicious!

It’s that time again! This picture below features the young Jimmy, carrying on the family tradition. Just had a son, so the 4th generation is currently in training!

Jim from Arterberry Maresh Vineyards Oregon

The Maresh Vineyard Pinot Noir

In my opinion, this is one of the absolute best vineyards in the state. I’d have trouble picking between the top two… Thomas, Maresh. These are the oldest vines. All I can say is that if you want to collect the best Pinot Noir from Oregon, this should be on your “automatic” list each and every year. The 2015 Maresh Vineyard Pinot is simply delicious. A must buy!

The Dundee Hills Pinot Noir

This is considered by the majority of my local customers to be the absolute best value in Oregon Pinot Noir. The 2015 is a truly amazing bargain. You can drink this on a Tuesday night and save big brother for the weekends.

Getting the Vineyard in the Bottle

As with all great wines, top priority is the vineyard. Jim’s mother and step father are fanatics when it comes to farming. They’ve been farming the old vines since the early 80s. Once in the winery, Jim is smart enough to stay out of the way and let the wine make itself.

After fermentation, the wine goes to neutral barrels (no wood imparted) and sits, undisturbed, for 16-18 months. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. The lees in the barrel are a big part of the vineyard (terroir) and the wine needs to feed off these lees for an extended period. Many wineries clean it up, filter it, and bottle within a few months of the vintage. Terroir stripped! The Arterberry Pinots are never filtered. Just the natural wine in its purest form in the bottle.

As I’ve come to know these Arterberry wines, they remind me more and more of a Cote De Nuits from Chambolle Musigny or Morey St Denis. They have the underbrush, forrest floor and floral aromas of those great Pinots. If you’re looking for Burgundian style Pinot from Oregon, look no further.

The Offering: 2015 Arterberry Maresh Pinot Noir

I shared this post last year by Neal Martin of the Wine Advocate. I’m not sure I could say it better!

During my stay in Oregon I was explaining to a couple of people about winemakers with the knack. They just get it. They know how to make great Pinot Noir seemingly effortlessly, and practice small things that make a big difference. And Jim Maresh has the knack, because despite his laid back attitude towards life, I reckon he’s not that way at all when it comes to his wines. You can’t make them this good without caring. Whats more, he told me how he sees no reason to price his wines so highly that people can’t enjoy them, a fiscal approach dichotomous to others, they make the error of setting price first and then making the wine to fit it.

  • Neal Martin, Wine Advocate 

2015 Arterberry Maresh, Pinot Noir “Maresh Vineyard” / Dundee Hills
Case: $625 ($52/bottle) Six Pack: $325 ($54/bottle) Reg $60

2015 Arterberry Maresh, Pinot Noir “Dundee Hills”
Case: $240 ($20/bottle) Six Pack: $132 ($22/bottle)

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