2014 McKinlay Mt. Tabor Cuvée and Ladd Hill Offering

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2014 mckinlay vineyard oregon pinot noir

2014 McKinlay “Mt Tabor Cuvée” One Barrel Pinot Noir & Ladd Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir

See Bottle and Case Price below.

mckinlay vineyards oregon pinot noir

The 2014 McKinlay Pinot Noir Wines Offer

matt kinne mckinlay vineyards oregon pinot noirMatt Kinne is the real deal. Making handcrafted Pinot Noir from his own vineyards since 1987, Matt has always had a “hands off” approach to wine making before it was fashionable.

Steeped in the best of Burgundian tradition, he has farmed organically from the beginning, always using older oak as an aging vessel as opposed to a new oak, “spice” box approach. Indigenous yeasts from the vineyard and winery begin the fermentation naturally. Nothing is added.

If a vintage comes along that he’s not happy with, Matt has gone to the extreme of declassifying the entire vintage into just one wine, the $18 Willamette Valley, foregoing higher income in the name of doing what’s right. To him, it’s a priority that everything with the McKinlay name be of a certain high standard.

You can buy these wines with a confidence that you’re getting something real, made with sweat and integrity by a small wine farmer and his family. These qualify as “real wines made by real farmers!”

2014 McKinlay Pinot Noir, Mt. Tabor Cuvée

25 Cases Only, One Barrel

Case: $420 ($35/bottle)  |  Six Pack: $222 ($37/bottle)

2014 McKinlay Pinot Noir, Ladd Hill Vineyard

Case: $378 ($31.50/bottle)  |  Six Pack: $200 ($33.33/bottle)

2014 McKinlay Pinot Noir: Mixed Case and 6 Pack

Case: $400/ 6 bottles “Mt Tabor Cuvée”/ 6 bottles “Ladd Hill”
Six Pack: $212/ 3 bottles “Mt Tabor Cuvée”/ 3 bottles “Ladd Hill”

mckinlay vineyards oregon pinot noir

These wines are grown, crafted and bottled by Matt Kinne and his son, Jake. Artisanal in the best sense of the word.

– Sandy

[Vineyard Photos Courtesy The Artisan Collection]

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