Spain, the New Wine Frontier; Who Woulda Thought

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wines from spain portland wine tasting

Spain; Leading the Quality Wine Revolution; Who Woulda Thought ($15)

Friday, October 27th, 2017 4 pm – 7:30 pm @ Mt Tabor Fine Wines

Listen Up. This and next weeks tastings are surely “not miss” events! Both Spanish, both featuring wines of the new revolution. Actually, our two premium pours are from a tiny parkland in Portugal.

I’m going to focus on three wines here;

Wine 1 – Let’s take a look at the Ismael Gozalo wine, MicroBio Correcaminos Blanco. You’ll notice that this white, made with old vine, low yield Verdejo, is a bit cloudy, usually a sign of a wine that hasn’t been touched and manipulated. And so this is about as natural as wine gets. No SO2, no nothing. I have had many an industrial Verdejo. I have never, ever imagined that this grape could achieve such heights!

Wine 2 – Next up, The Phenomenal wines of Diego Losada. This vigneron, pictured above, is so completely into the process he’s even had “Pure Wine” tattooed on his fingers! Imagine how his wines taste/ Yep, nuff said.

Wine 3 – The wines of the Adega Regional de Colares are some of the rarest, most unique wines in the world and some of the most amazing wines I’ve ever tasted! There is so little made, they bottle in 500ml bottles instead of 750’s. This “protected” area in the western zone near Lisbon is a parkland setting where the old vines grow along the ground in sand dunes along the coast. Being that they grow in sand they’ve never been exposed to Phylloxera. These very old vines are treated with the care they deserve as the national treasure they are. The area of Colares is lost in time where outside fashion and pressure doesn’t exist. At the Adega Regional de Colares, since its founding in 1931, nothing much has changed.

– Sandy

Diego Losada, "La Senda" Mencia 1984The Lineup: Friday, October 27, 2017

16 Cerro La Barco, Vegas Altas Blanco   $14
Extremadura /  Eva de Los Santos (Grape)

16 Ismael Gozalo, MicroBio Correcaminos Blanco   $27
Castilla Y Leon/                                     Verdejo

14 RAC Wines, Brutal de Mençia    $17
Bierzo/                         Mencia

15 Diego Losada, “La Senda” Mencia 1984   $23
Bierzo/                                Mencia

11 Bodega Ismael Arroyo, Val Sotillo, Crianza   $20
Ribera Del Duero          Tempranillo

Two Premium Pours ($6 Each- Choose 1 or Both)     
14 Adega Regional de Colares, Arenae Malvasia  $45 (500ml)
08 Adega Regional de Colares, Arenae Ramisco  $45 (500ml)
Colares, Portugal

wines from spain portland wine tasting


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