An Evening With Chad Stock of Minimus Wines

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Minimus Wines Oregon

Minimus Wines & the Arrival of the New Breed on the Oregon Wine Scene ($18)

Friday, June 16th, 2017 4 pm – 7:30 pm @ Mt Tabor Fine Wines

You need to come meet Chad Stock of Minimus this afternoon. He has single-handedly changed the direction of many young winemakers who have joined forces with Chad as their mentor. The Minimus wines are unique, exciting and wonderfully delicious. Varieties like Vermentino & Trousseau, the more traditional varieties, are approached in a new and different way.

Truly, you need to come!

– Sandy

Minimus Wines OregonThe Lineup: Friday, June 16, 2017

16 Minimus, Vermentino “Layne Vineyard”   $25

15 Minimus, Chardonnay Dijon Free Willamette Valley   $40

15 Minimus, Trousseau Noir “Omero Vineyard”   $30

15 Minimus, Grenache “Soloro Vineyard”   $30

15 Minimus, Pinot Noir Dijon Free “Johan Vineyard-Mariafeld Clone”   $40

Premium Pour ($5)     
14 Minimus, Pinot Noir Origin Series “Meredith Mitchell Vineyard”   $52






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