Spanish Wine Farmers From Jose Pastor

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jose pastor wines from spain in portland

Real Wines Made By Real Farmers! Amazing Spanish Wines From José Pastor Selections ($18)

Friday, September 3oth 2016 4 pm – 7:30 pm @ Mt Tabor Fine Wines

As I look at the lineup above, I can’t believe that we are able to present a lineup like this. Anyone who follows the latest and greatest in the wine world would be drooling at the opportunity to taste the wines in a flight like this. All these great wines at one sitting! You guys just need to know how important these wines are to the future of viticulture and enology. Enough preaching.

spanish wines from jose pastor portland

The picture above is one of the vineyards farmed by Pedro Rodriguez of Guimaro. These Mencia vines are grown on slopes so steep they need a rail system to get up and down to do vineyard work and harvesting.

I cannot do justice to these wines with words. You’ll just have to taste them to understand.

If you want to look at one of the most thorough and informative websites, this link will take you there.

– Sandy

Akutain, Rioja "Gran Reserva"The Lineup: Friday, September 3o, 2016

15 Guimaro, Vino Blanco   $22
     Ribeiro Sacra-Galicia          Godello

15 Alberto Nanclares, Dandelion   $25
Val Do Salnes-Rias Baixas    Albariño

14 Envînate, Lousas “Viñas de Aldea”   $28
Ribeiro Sacra-Atlantico      Mencia

12 Akutain, Rioja Cianza   $27
Rioja Alta           Mostly Tempranillo with Garnacha

04 Akutain, Rioja “Gran Reserva”   $49
Rioja Alta           Mostly Tempranillo & Garnacha

Premium Pour ($4)
13 Alberto Y Violeta, Curii “Giro”   $42
Alicante-Valencia      Old Vine Giro (Garnacha)

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